About Us

Our History
Howlett Machine Works was established in 1921, and has been involved in the manufacturing of a wide variety of components for the construction industry for more than 40 years. They have held more than 25 patents in the U.S. Howlett's developments include: The Howlett Grip Nut Anchorage and The Howlett Grip Coupler for bar Tendons (1957); The Howlett Custom Drive Transmission (1960); The Howlett Tank Post-Tensioning System (1963); The S/H Multistand Anchorage (1968); The Fox-Howlett No-Slip Threaded Rebar Coupler (1970); and many more.

More Recently we have been machining test samples for the local test labs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've also been supplying Test Fixtures both custom as well as standard to labs all over the U.S.; some of which are; The Howlett Rebar Test Fixture; The Cylinder Bond Test Fixture; An Apparatus for Bonding Strength Test in Center Point Loading; Twin Ram Jacking Setup for use in Dowell Testing; Rebar Wedges, Pulling Heads and many more.

We also make custom fixtures for whatever your needs might be.


Howlett Machine Works      Berkeley, California