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Welcome to the official Howlett Machine website. Here, you will find information on some of the different test specimens we've machined for different labs in the San Francisco Bay Area. This includes the Impact Charpys, 505 Tensile and Reduced Sections. We machine all types of materials for all kinds of tests. We make custom rebar testing equipment, fixtures and tools.

Click Here for a complete list of the Products that we make.

We also make custom fixtures for whatever you may want to test. Simply contact Mike at the Contact Us section of our site with your requirements.

Twin Ram Jack Kit
Two sizes of Twin Ram Jack Kits are available. A 5 ton or a 10 ton.
Rebar Bend Test Fixture
Please note that we stock Pulling Heads and Wedges in all sizes from #3 to #18.
Cylinder Bond Test Fixture
Howlett's Cylinder Bond Test Fixture, will test 3", 5 3/4" and 6" cylinders.

60 Ton Portable Test Machine
For making tensile and bend tests in the field or in your lab.
Custom Made Tools
We make custom "All Thread Gripping Tools" to your order. Call Mike with your designs.
Custom Test Fixtures
We make custom test fixtures to your order. Such as this "Soil Compaction Tester"
Call Mike with your designs.
Howlett Machine Works      Berkeley, California